30 before 30

Thirty things to do before I’m thirty.

1. Set foot on the 3 main islands of the Philippines.

2. Travel to Batanes.

3. Travel to Tawi-Tawi

4. Attend at least 3 local festivals.

5. Travel solo.

6. Travel outside the country.

7. Go on a trail run. Trail Running

8. Go river rafting. Davao Wild Water Adventure

9. Go paragliding.

10. Go skydiving.

11. Ride a hot air balloon.

12. Ride an elephant.

13. See penguins up close. Penguins Up Close

14. Swim with dolphins.

15. Swim with whale sharks.

16. Learn how to surf. Surf’s Up

17. Be a certified open water diver.

18. Learn a martial art.

19. Perfect my hand stand/head stand.

20. Finish a marathon. JOKE. A half-marathon. 🙂

21. Study another language.

22. Sell my own work.

23. Surprise someone big time.

24. Make someone else’s dream come true.

25. Take my mother hiking. Mts. Cabuyao & Santo Tomas

26. Climb 50 mountains.

27. Finish *THIS*

28. Own a car.

29. Own a house.

30. Have a family.


24 thoughts on “30 before 30

  1. I like your bucket list. Maybe I should do one too… strangely some of our items to cross off would match, I’m sure. Like learning to surf, swimming with dolphins and traveling outside the country. Oh YES, they’ll make my list big time…


    1. Yes, I guess you should. I think having a list adds more fun to the adventures especially once you get to tell your stories about them and cross them off one by one. 😉


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