Penguins Up Close

On March 12 of 2012, my friends Mika, Maica, and I went to Manila Ocean Park.  There, I had my first “up close and personal moment” with penguins. (It was my second visit, but there weren’t any penguins yet on my first one.) We didn’t actually plan to go there that day; we went to visit MV Logos Hope (a floating bookshop docked in Manila at the time) but found out too late that it was closed to visitors for the day. So, we decided to head on to the nearest place we could go to – Manila Ocean Park! Thus, the adventure began.

We started off with a tour around the Oceanarium…

These are just some of the wonderful marine animals that we saw; there were tons!

Anyway, the “Trails to Antarctica” came next.

And onto the main show…

Finally, we also visited the “Snow Village.”

We really had a lot of fun. All in all, it was a very good day. And we did get to visit the MV Logos Hope the day after, so yeah… it was great!

  • Mika, who is behind The Lady’s Blog, is a fellow book lover; we both enjoyed the visit to the park but I guess it’s safe to say we had more fun at the MV Logos Hope. Maica, on the other hand, must consider this day as one of her happiest. Just look at her shirt.  That girl’s crazy about penguins!
  • This is another item crossed off on my 30 before 30 list.

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