Taking the Monster Jeep to Mt. Pulag

Pulag Monster Jeepney

Going to Mt. Pulag, the highest mountain in Luzon and the third highest in the Philippines, often requires travelers to take what has become known to mountaineers as the “monster jeepney.” These monsters of a vehicle go around the Cordillera region and are aptly named for their engines and tires that can withstand long hours of rough and mostly uphill roads.

Having climbed several mountains in the Cordillera, including the aforementioned Mt. Pulag, I have had several experiences riding  a monster jeep. Being inside one, while the vehicle is being maneuvered through the roughest of cliffside roads, is exhilarating but also very difficult. One would have to endure the non-comfort of bumpy roads, sharp curves, and steep ascents and descents. Fortunately, there is a way around that – one that is even more fun and thrilling: toploading!

Being on top of a monster jeep while it is making its way through the mountainous region might sound more difficult than being inside one. Trust me, it is not only more adventurous, it is also easier. When you are inside the vehicle, you tend to get tossed around and might even bump your head a couple of times because the roads are really rough; when you are on top of it, there is less getting tossed around and definitely no bumping your head. You do have to hold on for dear life, though. 😉

Here are some pictures taken en route to Mt. Pulag when I first climbed it in November last year:

 And these were taken when we were on our way home:

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