In Sixes

A six-word story? A story? In six words? Let’s see…

Eyes met. Lips touched. Time froze.


Was that good enough? Let me give it another try… 

Holding hands, they faced the world.


This is quite fun. Third one… 

Their love, like time, was fleeting.


I’m just getting in the mood. Here’s another one…  

She wanted out. He wanted answers.


And another… 

She said she loved him. Loved.


So? Yes? No? Okay, this is the last one: 

Sadness consumed their last moments together.


I intended for each six-word story to be vague little stories on their own. Looking at the bigger picture, they also chronicle a story of a love affair that did not really work. *sigh*


The challenge: Flash Fiction

Related prompt: Six of One, Half a Dozen of the Other 

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