What This Young Student Wrote Is Shocking

The task: To write a 5-paragraph essay answering the question, “If you were a singer, what kind of song would you like to sing?”

One student’s response:


I want sing a song of destruction, pain, and despair.

Because, I don´t want this world. I can´t like this world what god gave to us. Adult always despise children. Most of children don’t like adult, because adult look down us. Always order, order, order!

Next, present world is corrupt. Corrupt goverment always amass their money. And fallen juvenile delinquents smoking, drinking liquor, and always fighting with each other. Newses brocasting a bad tidings. And my eyes suggest the future world, a world of pollution, pain, and annihilation.

And, I want disobedience to everyone. I want escape from daily life. Even if that will be death. I always think of metempsychosis. If I can metempsychosis, I want be a death(A person who hunts fallen thing´s soul, use scythe).

Finally, everyone can´t understand my pain and ruin in my heart. Anyway this world is already an illusion. And people are alone sinse born.

So I want sing a song about that.


Never mind the grammar lapses and the misspelled words. I did not post this to point those out. It is the message that count. It is morose and overwhelming considering the kid that wrote this is very young.

srsly 😐


5 thoughts on “What This Young Student Wrote Is Shocking

  1. This kid knows whats going on. The reality is that majority of society is ignorant. This society cares more about a celebrities clothes than corruption in the goverment or the problems of the country. They only see what they wish to see, regardless of age. The fact that a person of the younger generation can see the reality of this world is enlightening.

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