What is the one word or phrase that immediately cheers you up when you hear it?

“Buti na lang may climb bukas!”

In English, it translates to “it’s a good thing there’s going to be a climb tomorrow.”

This is my perfect pick-me-up.

Every commune with the mountains is an experience that makes my heart sing and makes me feel most alive. I look forward to hikes that are weeks away. I get more and more excited as the date of a hike gets closer and closer. Whenever I get really stressed, nothing can get me going like the thought of a weekend on the trails can. Hiking is my passion. I wish I could hike more mountains both in and out of the Philippines.

This weekend, after a month of monotonous city life, I will be back on the trails! I am thrilled! We will be having a clean-up hike in Mt. Ugo. I know this event is going to be a blast. In as much as I will enjoy the hike, I will enjoy trying to help clean up the mountain.


• In response to The Daily Post’s prompt: Pick Me Up 

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