Surviving Mt. Makiling or My First Failed Summit Attempt (not!)

Here’s something I wrote back when I first climbed Mt. Makiling:


I may not have reached the summit, but I survived the mountain. 😉

No, I was not able to reach Mt. Makiling’s summit. But I can’t say that I did not survive it. We were very close to summiting (we were near the 29th station and the UPLB trail only has 30 stations) when it started getting very cloudy. Another thing is that we were the last group there at the top since we started very late and all the groups who climbed ahead of us had already started their descent. We met another group who were doing the traverse trail from Batangas but they did not stay with us for long. After a brief chat, they, too, headed down the UPLB trail. I decided not to push through with our summit attempt and just head back down. We were just starting our descent when it started raining heavily and this only meant two things: that we were going to be soaking wet (my two companions didn’t have raincoats, so even if I had one, I just decided to get wet as well :P) and that the place would soon turn into a playground for limatiks (blood leeches). Not good news. But hey! After more or less 8 hours of going up and getting down (on slippery, muddy trail all the while being soaking wet and battling limatiks), we were able to arrive back at the jump-off – we survived Makiling!


Last February 8, I went back and hiked up Mt. Makiling. We were able to successfully complete the traverse from Sto. Tomas, Batangas to Los Baños, Laguna. The climb served as my training hike for my first Mt. Apo climb.

UPDATE: I was wrong to believe that my first time to hike up Mt. Makiling and attempt to reach its summit was a failure. In truth – and this I have proven after several successful summit attempts of the said mountain – we were at already at the summit when we decided to head back to the jump off point. We did not know this at that time. So, what we thought was a failed attempt turned out to be a sweet success!  🙂

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