People ask, I “answer”

In this post, I will try to answer some “queries” that land people on my blog. These queries are search terms people type in good old Google or other web search engines which direct them to my blog. Most of the search terms are related to Philippine mountains – why am I not surprised? Mostly, these terms are highly sensible ones. Some are funny while a few are hilarious. A few terms, however, are absurd – they don’t make sense at all. This is why I was convinced I should write this post. Here are some “queries” and my “answers.”


“Is their (sic) an entrance fee to Mt. Cabuyao?”
No, their is not.

“Gabriel Garcia Marquez truly love sleep”
Seriously? Well, the guy’s dead now so we can’t confirm this from him, can we?

“Outfit for white water rafting in Cagayan de Oro”
Rash guard and board shorts. But hey, if you wanna go in your birthday suit, who am I to judge?

“One of the most treacherous road Mt. Santo Tomas Benguet”
Is this really a search item? I have a feeling he was typing a tweet or a Facebook status in the wrong place. Anyway, you’re damn right! That road gave me one helluva time.

“Unknown rivers here in Batangas”
I don’t know any. I only know about the known ones.

“Why Philippines government cannot tidy up the rubbish mountain?”
Some of us mountaineers do cleanup climbs but unless irresponsible people magically acquire some sense of responsibility, this is still going to be a problem. Also, the Philippine government needs to tidy up a lot more than the mountains things. They should probably start with the rubbish government officials.

“Which is highest, Mt. Maculot or Pico de Loro?”
I’m sure you just forgot the third option because otherwise you would have written “higher,” amirite? Probably not. Anyway, Pico de Loro’s the taller mountain of the two.

“Windmill Ilocos quotes”
I wasn’t aware those windmills could speak! Had I known, I would’ve stayed there a bit longer to hear them talk.

“Dulang Dulang Kitanglad Maagnaw traverse”
You, sir, are looking for intense body pain. There’s still time. Think it through.

“What the future Professor X quotes to his younger self?”
“Less stress, dude. And use less shampoo.”

“Scarlett Johansson ass”
I appreciate you visiting my blog but you’re here for all the wrong reasons. 😛 Also, perv alert!

“Scarlett Johansson butt”
I get it. She looks great. She’s sexy. But still… seriously?

“Pleasuring herself”
WHAT? How in the world did this search term land a person on my blog?! And really? Why search for this in the first place?

“Mission accomplish”
This. Is. Very. Vague. Cannot. Decode.


So… mission accomplished? 😛


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