The spark that sets ablaze a wildfire of things bright and beautiful, I am the Mockingjark.

(Yes, I also thought that sounded weird. Yes, I like to call myself that.)

I am a teacher, a traveler, a mountaineer, a bookworm, a theater junkie, a couch potato, and an occasional procrastinator extraordinaire… I am Angelo Cruz (call me Jark) and this is my blog.



The blog is a collection of stories and thoughts about things I enjoy (and things I think I enjoy). Mostly, these stories are accounts of hikes and similar adventures. From time to time, I write about stuff like film and food.

My first project for this blog is what I call “30 BEFORE 30.” It is what set this whole thing in motion. Find out more about why I write by reading my first post (my warning, my excuse), At Last, A Blog.


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