Share Your World

The lovely Cee Neuner of Cee’s Photography has had this thing going on for quite some time now but this is my first time to actually write something about it. Here goes…   If you could go back and visit any time period, what time would you travel to and why? → It would be amazing to […]

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Those who can, do…

I studied and trained to be a teacher. There is something about teaching that is so noble and so fulfilling. When I first walked into a classroom filled with young minds teeming with potential, I was scared. I was to teach four different classes for our practicum – our last year in college. For one […]

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In Sixes

A six-word story? A story? In six words? Let’s see… Eyes met. Lips touched. Time froze.   Was that good enough? Let me give it another try…  Holding hands, they faced the world.   This is quite fun. Third one…  Their love, like time, was fleeting.   I’m just getting in the mood. Here’s another […]

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Third Eye (A Repost)

Allow me to post here on my blog one of my favorite articles from the now defunct Peyups.Com. The article is written in Filipino, so to those who are non-Filipino speakers, please bear with me. And for those who understand Filipino, enjoy! Third Eye   Sigurado raw na mararamdaman mo kapag may multong malapit sa […]

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Another Fifty

Here’s another try at a fifty:   Scared and sweating, she felt her way around the dark room. Something was there with her.            She could hear it breathing; she could tell it was not human. Something grabbed her.            Something rough and scaly and wet. She […]

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Writing Challenge – Fifty

Another blogging challenge! I’m really loving how The Daily Post keeps giving us challenges that are sure to inspire creativity and imagination. This time, I am writing a “fifty.” (My first!) This is my take on a new writing challenge hosted by blogger and awesome storyteller Vincent Mars of Boy with a Hat. His blog is wickedly […]

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