Captain America: The Winter Soldier


I just saw Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier yesterday and I have to say, it is truly a marvel!

I am a die-hard Marvel fan. I love seeing the movies, watching the different animated series, playing different games, and most of all, reading all the graphic novels that I love. Personally, I like the X-Men and Spider-Man most, although the recent Marvel cinematic offerings turned me into a true fan of the Avengers, especially Thor and Black Widow. I did not like Iron Man at first, but he grew on me after The Avengers and after Iron Man 3, I adored Tony Stark. It’s the same thing with Captain America. It took this second installment for me to really like him as a character.

So what is it about The Winter Soldier that got me really hyped up? Everything!

First, let me just say that I thought Captain America: The First Avenger was a bit boring. The sequel is nothing compared to it. It’s fast-paced, edgier, grittier, and it’s more compelling. It even introduced more Avengers which totally screams “Age of Ultron” to me. Personally, I’d go as far as saying that it is the best sequel Marvel gave us to date. That is saying something considering how well I enjoyed Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World. Captain America 2 just showed so much more of Cap and made him seem so much more a leader.

Now can we talk about Black Widow? Is there anything Scarlett Johansson can’t do? I just recently watched the film Her. She starred in it, or rather, her voice starred in it. But she controlled the film. And in this second Cap film, she took control. She’s a real badass. I loved her as Black Widow since she first appeared in Iron Man 2. I don’t think this movie would have been as awesome without her role in it. So, Marvel, can we get a solo Black Widow film? NOW?


The S.H.I.E.L.D. regulars are amazing. Nick Fury was unbelievably amazing and he had an unbelievably downplayed part. Agent Hill, of course, will always be a favorite. Cobie Smulders is perfect in this role. I just wished we could have caught a glimpse of Agent Coulson, though I think he’s probably busy with his own operation in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Stan the Man’s cameo was also well appreciated.

Falcon. Winter Soldier. Sharon Carter. Crossbones. The new characters are well-known to true Marvel fans and it’s really a joy to get to see them come to life in the big screen. I found myself clapping when the Winter Soldier first showed on-screen. I cheered when Falcon first took flight. I was wowed when I realized Emily VanCamp’s character was none other than Sharon Carter. To those who might not be aware, Sharon Carter is canonically Peggy Carter’s daughter (or later, niece). She is a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent (as shown in the movie) and occasionally, Cap’s girlfriend (as hinted in the movie). Crossbones is Agent Brock, in the Marvel canon, he is a henchman of the Red Skull. I’d love to see Falcon show up in Age of Ultron, and while they’re at it, it would be more amazing if Bucky were in there, too! Though, I think they’d get back to him in Captain America 3.

Now about the post-credits scenes. Like in Thor: The Dark World, there were two. The first one was amazing. (SPOILER ALERT) It showed Magneto’s twins, Pietro and Wanda. (Although I know that connection won’t be made in any Marvel film unless Fox sells the rights to X-Men back to Marvel) More popularly known as Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, the twins are mutants (though, it probably won’t be stated in the upcoming Marvel films), with the former having superhuman speed and the latter having control over chaos magic, probability, and reality. The scene revealed them to be some sort of prisoner of Baron Strucker, a Hydra leader, who I think is gonna be the main antagonist of the next Cap installment or at least show in the upcoming Age of Ultron film. I kind of guessed what the other scene would be (and I thought that was cool, lol). It showed Bucky learning more about himself. Both scenes were worth the wait no matter how short they were. After all, post-credits scenes tell so much about the Marvel Universe and how all the movies connect.


I really like Captain America: The Winter Soldier. It made me even more excited for The Avengers: Age of Ultron. More importantly, it made me a Captain America fan.

Have you seen Captain America: The Winter Soldier? What are your thoughts about it? Sound off in the comments below. 🙂

Have a good day everyone!


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